What is CREEC?

The Carquinez Regional Environmental Education Center (CREEC) is a state and federally recognized, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), public interest charity incorporated in 1995.  The role of this nonprofit organization is to effect wildlife habitat and enhancement, maintenance and restoration projects in the communities and open lands surrounding the Carquinez Strait – Californias most significant wildlife migratory corridor.  The sole goal of CREEC is the betterment of the areas natural resources through cooperative, constructive and mutually beneficial partnerships with the industries, families and agencies who live and work along the Strait.

The CREEC Youth Program is dedicated to environmental improvement in the Carquinez Strait region.  Students participate in habitat restoration, native and butterfly plant propagation, and butterfly rearing and release.  Participants earn a stipend for their participation, after completing 10 volunteer hours.  The program started in 1998 and initially included five students for a 10-week summer project.  It has expanded to a year-round opportunity for youth to earn while they learn by improving the surrounding community and open space.  Tasks are designed to create a hands-on learning experience in environmental restoration, basic horticulture, environmental science, non-profit management, and basic work skills.

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    1. Makayla, CREEC encourages and educates our youth and communities to restore and conserve native ecosystems. We have a greenhouse in Crockett where the youth work witb Ms Kay Smith.

    2. Just saw your post. I would love to have you come join us on Saturday. I haven’t missed a Saturday in years. Hoping to meet you. CREEC is my happy place and a true treasure hiding under the bridge.

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