CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group report, June 2017

by Kay Smith

Our youth group came and planted lots of plants and trees on June 3rd in the restoration planting. We have been watering and mulching those plants as well as the second planting on June 17. Some of the trees have lost green in their leaves, others are happy to be planted. Like people, some take change better than others. Most of the plants in both plantings are showing signs of new growth and recovery from transplant shock. I am happy to report that all are mulched and marked so that we can water.

After the planting on June 3, we mulched and watered. Then school got out soon after that and the students were too busy to come to work. We only worked 7 days in June, mostly watering, mulching, and staking trees. We made some clones and basil seedlings and weeded a little.

Hopefully in July the youth group gets back on track. Summer work hours are Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30 am to 11:30 and Saturdays from 10-2.

CREEC has a lot of tomato plants free to good homes! (just make a donation to CREEC to keep up the good work!)

The following students participated at CREEC in June:
Tony Neely, Jr.
Nakylah Arnold
Jazarya Foster
David Martinez, Jr.
Zomaria Steely
Terrance Ramsey, Jr.
Gabriel Botta
Geovani Ramirez
Damien Shyne

Richard Moody worked at repairing fences, wagons, wheelbarrows and water leaks and weed whacking.

Thank-you for allowing CREEC to continue being such a big part of our week.