CREEC News: CREEC-David Hicks Memorial Scholarship Fund

We are proud to announce the formation of the CREEC-David Hicks Memorial Scholarship Fund.

A principle amount has been invested with a target to generate $1,200 to $1,500 per year and split equally between 2 deserving youngsters that have been involved with CREEC. The 2 scholarship winners will split the funds available at the end of every school year for their designated and declared, continued education plan, beginning with Class of 2018.

The process: each spring, CREEC kids that are moving past high school and planning any sort of continued education, will submit an essay to the CREEC Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then review and pass along all qualified applicant’s essays to the surviving family of original co-founder and original Board of Director, David Hicks.

Dave passed away in early October, 2016. He was the guts of CREEC for over 20 years. Dave found it very rewarding to “get dirty” with the kids and watch their progress in life while working with CREEC, over the years. Many did not know that Dave placed a huge value on education, achieving a PHD himself. What better way to remember David Hicks than to invest funds from his CREEC efforts that will, in turn, allow continued education for CREEC youth?

I hope this might motivate some kids to “get involved”. Thank you Dave Hicks for your years of dedication!

CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group report, July, 2017

by Kay Smith

CREEC Youth Group has taken on many tasks this month. We have mulched all of the restoration plants and water them 3 times a week. We’ve begun potting up the oak acorns planted this Spring into 4 inch tree pots. Last year’s acorns are moving into 5 gallon pots. we’ve removed part of the hay bale garden and replaced and planted 1 side of our new tire planter garden. There are still 2 very large salvias in the hay bales to move before completing the rest of the tire planters.

We have new students completing their community service, learning the weeds, and the way to propagate plants. Most are happy and enthusiastic to be a part of CREEC.

The following students participated in CREEC in July:
Tony Neely, Jr.
Davonte Williams
Dmien Shyne
JaiLynne Howard
Nakylah Arnold
Rosa Stevens
Jazaria Foster
Marlaysia Neely
Daysha Williams
Emyah Moore
Miylekah Olyjini
Kalia Griffith
Gabrial Botta

Richard Moody did some tree removal and planting, mowing, weedwacking, and tool repair.