CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group report August 2017

In month of August the CREEC Youth Group has been very productive.
We’ve removed the hay bale garden from in front of the greenhouse, transplanting the Salvias of many kinds and chamomile plants to pots. Then we staged and filled up tires with soil and planted a beautiful garden in the same spot. Dr. Dean Kelch  picked the plants and designed the garden, filling the tires and planting some of the many plants with us. We mulched and watered and the project is splendidly beautiful’ with butterflies and bees and humming birds visiting. Everyone should come and see!
We’ve also staged a “Plant Sale” area for Saturdays’ 10-1 advertised Plant Sale at CREEC. Although almost all of the plants at CREEC are for sale, we’ve put a large collection of Natives, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and trees all together for browsing. We have sweet potatoes in 1 gallon pots. CREEC has a great variety of beautiful plants, something for everyone.

We had wasps nesting in our pot storage areas. After Mr. Moody dealt with the wasps we reorganized our pots and spruced up those areas. Hopefully the wasps are finished with us this year.
CREEC students shared a table with The Contra Costa Resource Conservation District at Rodeo’s Block Party on the 19th of August. With Elizabeth Harrison and Heidi Petty they passed out fliers about CREEC Greenhouse and talked about the need to plant flowers and trees to support the butterflies. We’ve had a few people come by to see us and pick out plants.
The youth group has been watering and weeding the Restoration site as well. We have noticed and hope to remind people that everything that gets dropped down must be picked up by someone. It takes all of us working together to make the garden beautiful, especially under a freeway!
With school starting back CREEC Youth Group meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00- darkish. As the days get cooler and it gets dark earlier we will change the time to after school. Saturday remains the same from 10-2. Feel free to stop by and get dirty with us. We will be potting up our sprouted seeds of all kinds, planting winter vegetable seeds, transplanting the bigger plants into larger pots, weeding a lot and watering. Always lots to do at CREEC Greenhouse.
The following students participated at CREEC Greenhouse in August:
Devonte Williams
Damien Shyne
JaiLynne Howard
Rosa Stevens
Nakylah Arnold
Tony Neely, Jr.
Jazarya Foster
Daysha Williams
Emyah Moore
Geovani Ramirez
Kelia Griffith
Thank-you for allowing CREEC Greenhouse to be such a big part of our week. It is truly a wonderful place to be a part of.
Submitted by Kay Smith

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