CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group report September 2017

September, 2017, just flew by at CREEC Greenhouse. We have continued to water the restoration plants. Some have not survived the transplant and will be replaced, others are very happy in their new spot under the bridge. With the rain, we will get started. CREEC has lots of Native plants to bring back our butterflies.
CREEC planted a mulberry tree a few years back across the road by a fence. Our Youth Group planted Sea Lavenders and California bee plants and some other future beautiful surprises under and around the tree. October will bringĀ  a few more! The butterflies and humming birds will love it!
Ms Iris Wesselmann, Math/Science teacher at Carquinez Middle School, Friend of CREEC, Super Teacher who bribes us with marshmallows! visited CREEC with her classes(24 and 28 students) The 24 group class potted up seedlings of basil and salvia, 5 flats of each, !60 plants in all. They understand the life of a plant, root structure, stem, and leaves.They really liked mixing the soil in the wheelbarrow! The 28 group of students potted 1 gallon pots of ash and oak trees to 5 gallon pots so they could grow bigger. Almost everyone repotted a tree or 2. They loaded the labeled transplanted beauties and put them in a shaded spot with water. Both groups were excited and enthusiastic. CREEC, the treasure under the bridge, is being found out! due to the efforts of this wonderful woman! Several of her students have completed paperwork and are finishing their community service to be a part of CREEC’s Youth Group.

The reorganizing from Summer to Fall/Winter is rather heart wrenching as the tomatoes and basil get sent to compost to make room for new seedlings to come. We have lots of seedlings of all kinds from grass to trees, flowers and vegetables. Acorns are falling and we are planting them as well as lots of other seeds. Come pick up some basil, bonus plants at CREEC, also Jalapeno and Patron peppers in 2 gallon pots to grow inside for the Winter as house plants.
With re-organization comes pot storage and clean-up. All the plants are in rotation for weeding and potting up, labeling and grooming. Our students are all learning and happy to be a part. The roses tables were very challenging because blackberries invaded from over the fence! It made some very pokey weeding!
The following students participated at CREEC in September:
Tony Neely, Jr.
Jazarya Foster
Nakylah Arnold
Rosa Stevens
Jadelyn Evans Rivers
Geovanni Ramirez
Armonee Wehr
CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group Fall hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 to dark and Saturdays from 10-2. Come by and get dirty with us, check out the restoration sites, or just see what is growing and flying around at CREEC Greenhouse!
The new interest, the restoration plans, CREEC is such an exciting place to be a part of. Thank-you for letting CREEC Greenhouse continue to be our hidden treasure under the bridge!
Submitted by Kay Smith

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