CREEC Youth Group had a very productive October. With new students finishing their initial community service hours, they now have the knowledge to really make a difference. The enthusiasm and energy is infectious as the students get more involved in caring for the plants.

Infectious energy

We weeded the many beautiful roses, natives, and heirlooms for nearly two weeks! It was thorny work, especially because blackberries grew in under the tables. I told the new students that this was the hardest job we might ever do—and they managed the task! They learned about all the weeds and many of the self-seeding natives while weeding those thorny roses. They learned how to remove blackberries from a planting bed, as well.
We transplanted most of the trees in 1-gallon pots into 5-gallon pots; they are labeled, mulched, and watered under shade recovering from the move.
We cleaned off the clone table. The many plants rooting on it were potted up. There were roses, many kinds of herbs, trees, and even grapes! We are filling the table back up again, fast!
Acorns of all kinds were collected and planted. The seed pots are placed in a large 1/4-inch metal mesh cage so the squirrels and rats don't eat them. We also planted native cherries, maples, bays, toyons, walnuts, and pine tree seeds. It will be exciting to see what comes up!
The Youth Group continues to keep weeding. The roses were difficult, but everyone knows what the weeds are now. I am very happy to report that the CREEC Youth are turning into compulsive weeders.
We've moved the pepper plants inside the greenhouse, hoping to keep them warm. We are trying to clean and make room for growing seedlings of all kinds starting to grow.
CREEC Youth are propagating winter vegetable starter plants for home gardeners. We have Egyptian walking onions, horseradish, sweet potatoes, and many kinds of herbs for sale now.
The Youth Group has continued to plant around the mulberry tree in the parking lot. We've planted purple passionflower vines on the fence. The butterflies are going to love those!
Twelve students participated at CREEC Greenhouse in October.
The CREEC Youth Group winter hours are Wednesdays 1:30 pm to 5 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2 pm. Feel free to stop by and see what's coming up. There is always lots to do and see.
Thank you for allowing CREEC Greenhouse to be such a treasure under the bridge, allowing all of us the opportunity to learn about the beautiful plants and trees in the Carquinez Strait region.