CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group Report November 2017

CREEC Greenhouse Youth group worked a total of eight days in November; our Winter hours will continue to be Saturdays from 10- 2 and Wednesdays from 1:30 -5. We may schedule more work days with school being out. I will post additional days should they come up.
November was a busy time of planting passion flower vines and other flowering plants around the mulberry tree and new gate installed by the California State Lands Commission. We planted passion flowers on CREEC’s fence as well.
Our youth group took apart an overgrown water planter and replanted it with new plants. It was quite a task pulling apart those overgrown tulles, but with cooperation and one very bad word from me, the task was completed. We have tulles in 5 gallon pots for sale if anyone wants to start a water garden.
We have planted every kind of oak tree known to grow in California. We’ve also planted toyons, cherries,buck eyes, pines, and many other grasses, flowering plant, and vegetable seeds. We will be potting up some of last seasons sprouted seedlings in December.
The youth group spends at least a third of the time weeding. We weed each section looking for plants needing attention, As the plants show their needs, the students address each issue, either addressing it at the table being weeded or taking the plant to the work area for bigger pots or additional tools to complete the task.
Along with most of the plants at CREEC Greenhouse, the youth group has planted many different winter vegetables  and herbs available for sale during our work hours at CREEC. Feel free to stop by and visit us first.
On that note, CREEC welcomes any pot donations. Drop them off in front of our gate and we will put them to good use.
Should anyone want to support CREEC Greenhouse during this holiday season by giving plants or herbs, feel free to bring a pretty pot and we can pot it up with a plant of your choice. Our students would be delighted in the task.
The following students participated at CREEC Greenhouse in November:
Yabisi Rodriguz,  Trinity Hill,  Anthonett Myers, Nakylah Arnold, Rosa Stevens, Alexa Larson, Madelyn Newton, Elijah Murphy, Audrey Leveque             
December brings the rain and wind and cold. Many plants take this time to rest, even dying back to the roots of the plant until spring. If you visit Creec these plants are marked with blue tags in the pot. The cold weather is also a good time to plant trees and perennial plants. CREEC Greenhouse hopes to replace the trees in the Restoration area just before CREEC’s property on Dowrellio Drive under the Carquenez Bridge on Saturday from 10 -2 December 16. From the freeway, go down Wanda to the bottom of the hill and turn left onto Dowrellio. Drive to the end and park. CREEC Greenhouse is on the left. We hope you can come.
Thank you, to the board of directors for CREEC, our generous sponsors, C&H Sugar and Phillips, as well as our Friends of CREEC for allowing this wonderful place to be such an important part of what we do. The beauty and wonder are at CREEC Greenhouse waiting to be discovered by everyone. Come get dirty with us and see what is growing at CREEC Greenhouse.

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