CREEC Greenhouse Youth Group Report December 2017

December was a busy time at CREEC Greenhouse. The Youth Group had nine work days and were very productive. Even though all of our students aren’t able to be present every work day due to each one’s circumstances, we do have a dedicated group trying to make a difference.

Dr. Dean Kelch continued to bring in more acorns for even more oak trees to sprout. There is the possibility of a very large forest about to be born lurking at CREEC! We also potted up tree seedlings to tree pots and transplanted oaks, maples, buckeyes, bays, and willows to 5 gallon pots.

We cleaned out the clone table. potting up the many different kinds of plants started. Of coarse, we have done our best to fill it up with all kinds of new possibilities to grow. People also call clones “starts” or “cuttings”. It is very exciting to see which plants will make roots and grow into beautiful plants. Pine trees never clone, but almost all the other perennial plants will.

The students spent considerable time recycling soil. We moved our work table and scooped the soil up, using the soil to transplant trees into 5 gallon pots. We were surprised at how much soil had been spilled over time and potted up more than 40 trees with it.

CREEC’s garden starts for your winter garden are looking nice. We have 4 inch pots of broccoli, cabbage, kales, red cabbage and collard greens. we have gallon pots of horseradish. We also have salad planters for cut and grow again consumption. We also have herbs of many kinds. Vegetable starts are $1 each.

On December 9 we did more planting in the Restoration on Dowrellio Drive before CREEC Greenhouse. We took out dead plants and trees and replanted live ones. We also picked up litter. Our previous planting day in June was 103* so quite a few of the big trees didn’t grow. With the cold weather and rain our newly planted babies will grow well.

As always, our pots need weeding. I am happy to report that most of our students know their weeds and are pretty efficient at the job. Each pot needs weeding at least once every few months. It can be quite challenging to keep up, but must be done. I say in my Dorry voice, “Just keep weeding”!

I would like to publicly thank Mrs.Sonja New. On October 28 she stopped by CREEC Greenhouse and asked me about volunteering. I told her about the signing of the legal form and she did. This beautiful human being has made it her business to be at CREEC Greenhouse every work day taking on curb appeal and bigĀ  organizing projects. She is amazing, getting her husband to help, getting the students to do more, always helpful and kind, making the plants beautiful, even bringing me coffee! Thank-you Mrs. Sonja New.

The following students participated at CREEC Greenhouse in December, 2017: Levelle McElroy II, Elijah Murphy, Yabisi Rodriguez, Daniel Warring, Mamadou Sisisko, Trinity Hill, Anthonett Myers, Nakylah Arnold, Rosa Stevens, and Audrey Leveque

Thank-you for allowing CREEC Greenhouse to continue to be the wonderful treasure we have in Crockett under theĀ  bridge. I hope more people will come find out all about the wonderful ideas and concepts that we can all do to make habitats for the butterflies and birds too.

CREEC Greenhouse winter hours are Saturday from 10-2 and Wednesday from 1:30-4:30. We hope to see you there. Free Native strawberry plant to new visitors.

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