Carquinez Regional
Environmental Education Center

CREEC has been a trusted partner in environmental education for over two decades.
CREEC’s primary goal is to encourage and educate disadvantaged youth and communities to restore and conserve native ecosystems.


Who We Are

CREEC is a nonprofit organization based on the Carquinez Strait in Crockett, California. CREEC's goal is to help local youth restore the shores of the Carquinez Strait so the birds, plants, and animals that make this a special place can thrive alongside the recreational needs of residents and visitors. One of the main ways CREEC achieves this is by working with local students who help maintain CREEC’s greenhouse, grounds, and extensive collection of native plants.

Our Accomplishments

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Educating Local Youth

CREEC's Youth Program teaches students from nearby communities how to be environmental stewards and how to propagate and grow native plants.

Growing Local Natives

CREEC grows an impressive number of native California plant species, including many local natives. At CREEC, you can find native plants that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Tree Plantings

CREEC volunteers have planted dozens of native trees and shrubs along the Carquinez Strait, providing food and habitat for local wildlife.

Fruitful Partnerships

CREEC partners with local schools, organizations, and governmental agencies to plant gardens and restore wildlife habitat.

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